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Turn ‘meh’ into ‘marvellous’ with The Mixing Jug

Have you “lost that loving feeling?”

Has it “gone...gone...gone...woah-oh-oh?”

Don’t worry. It’s not you, its them.

You gave them a chance, didn’t work out.

And yet it all looked so good. They promised you the world and you believed in them.

It was supposed to be a match made in festival catering heaven.

But in the cold light of day, you just can’t forgive the sloppy workmanship, the half-filled in paperwork, the bad quality food and their inability to get on with your friends, aka your event guests.

You watch them do a drive of shame out of your festival site, and vow you’ll never let an event caterer take you for granted again.

So, what do you do now?

Choosing the right festival caterers is a tough gig for any event organiser - not to mention a big responsibility. With a captive audience of thousands of thirsty festival-goers, getting the food and drink provision right is the difference between #massivefail or #massivesuccess. And no one wants a hangry festival-goer on their watch.

There’s a lot to think about too, before you even get close to a shortlist. Do your potential festival caterers have the relevant certifications and insurance? Can they offer contactless payments? Were their ingredients sourced responsibly? Will they have the right number of staff? Are they reliable? Have they got relevant experience or, even better, testimonials?

And most importantly, will your guests enjoy what they’re offering? Do they have something for everyone?

It’s worth being picky. You might have the best location and the biggest bands lined up - but if you’re not offering the best festival catering to go with it, it’s going to leave a nasty taste - literally and figuratively.

A festival is about the experience as a whole. And most importantly, it’s about the guests, not who’s next up on the main stage (although if its Stormzy that helps...)

So how can we help you turn ‘meh’ catering into marvellous catering?

Well, apart from being thoroughly nice people who won’t mess you about, we’ve got seven years experience of making a delicious dent in the event catering landscape. In those seven years, The Mixing Jug has travelled all over the place, covering over one-hundred major events, and serving 100,000 customers and counting. From the Isle of Wight festival, to the Chatsworth Country Fair; Rewind Festival to the London Marathon, we’ve been here, there and everywhere, and loved every minute of it. And we can safely say we’ve never had to do the ‘drive of shame’ on leaving...

We’ve also seen how not to cater at a festival.

We don’t like to name names - that’s not our style - but one particular event had a coffee related crisis. We’re talking service without a smile, bad coffee, huge queues, angry customers. The whole she-bang. Fortunately, we were waiting in the wings meaning that very quickly we had:

· Happy customers - thanks to our energetic, well-trained and super-smiley team

· Fast-moving queues - due to our queue busting processes and

consistently speedy delivery

· Perfect award-winning coffee in every cup

· Profits all round - for the event and for us

We’re not just about crepes, coffee, juice and smoothies. We’re about delivering a top-notch service and a premium offer.

Our smart, high-volume outlets are an ‘oasis in the field.’ There’s no rusty vans or greasy burgers here - just a high-quality delivery that exceeds expectations. And that extends to our EPOS systems too. Our fully electronic tills and automatic daily reporting means not only can we ensure a consistently smooth service, but we can also operate as 100% cashless making us COVID-safe too.

And it’s not just us saying it. We’ve got some kick-ass testimonials to back it up:

“I would recommend The Mixing Jug for any event. The organisation and service of their operation was first rate from start to finish.” Concessions Manager, Goodwood.

“It’s a real pleasure working with The Mixing Jug. Their catering units are sleek, modern and add a touch of class to the Paws in the Park events. The staff are always friendly and well presented. I would certainly recommend them for any festival or event.” Jacqui Curtis, Director, Paws in the Park.

But look - we don’t want to be just a rebound thing. We’re in it for the long-haul. We’re committed to making your event better and easier.

We’re up for a date...if you are?

Hit us up on with your event dates, and if we’re free we can show you what you’ve been missing!


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