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Industry leading training course for Event Caterers by Event Caterers.


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Would you like more time to do the things you love?

Save at least 5 hours per week on the one day course and 10+ hours on the two day. No shortcuts here, but the right tools and systems for a thriving event catering business.

Would you like to reduce your costs and make more money?

Avoid the common pitfalls. Just one booking at a quality event will more than repay your investment in this training & that's just in year one! Let us show you the way for simple success.

Would you like to reduce your stress & say goodbye to overwhelm? 

The know-how & resources in this training will put you in control. More £profit with less work = more joy and less stress. Avoid small business owners burn-out trying to do it all alone.

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Our last LIVE course ran in August 2020 with our special guest speakers...

10% off your booking_ Voucher code_ AJS2

Andrew James is Chairman of The Catering Accounting Company, an innovative, forward-thinking specialist in the Event Catering Sector.


There’s simply no one better placed to deliver this module to a new or established Event Catering business.


Andrew will be covering those important topics that many of us can find a bit daunting… Accounting Systems, Forecasting, Company structure, Tax, PAYE & VAT

10% off your booking_ Voucher code_ AJS2

Corrie Jones is the founder of Untapped Digital Media and The Self-Made Women Podcast.


Corrie, a social media expert, has worked on content, strategy and advertising with clients around the world including Virgin Startup & NatWest and has spoken at The General Assembly’s “Talk Data To Me” in London and SEMrush’s Global Marketing Day in New York.


Corrie has also managed live social media at a number of high-profile evens and will be showing us what social media mean for Event Caterers in an evolving online world.

(Day 2 - only on the full course)

Course Investment:

One Day Fast Start Event Caterer

Two Day Professional Event Caterer

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What previous course attendees are saying:


"I feel so confident in starting my business now that I have taken this course!"

"It covers all areas; starting out, certifications, insurance, setting up for festivals, applying for festivals, it covered everything!"


"I learned about how to organise my business, setup systems, we were given a lot of resources too"


"The value for money is next to none, I would recommend it to anyone"


"You get more than you bargained for"


"I feel so confident in starting my business now I have taken this course & how to set it up correctly for growth"


"I was feeling short in some places, now I feel equipped to keep going… this puts me in a better position..."

"The course is excellent value for money"


"Through completing this training course, I will avoid future mistakes"

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Top 10 Things to Love about Event Catering eBook

About Us

Greg Gabriel

Hi, I'm Greg Gabriel, Founder of The Mixing Jug & your training host!

I began my career after completing a Bsc in Business Management at The Uni' of Surrey and have worked with big brands; Procter & Gamble, Colgate and Lego Group in logistics & management roles. I have a passion for helping and inspiring others, and I'm a mentor for Young Enterprise & The Mentor Circle


I have trained with world-class business leaders and I'm part of a training and mentorship group with a multi-million dollar brand. 

I started The Mixing Jug in 2014 on a journey to bring better quality to events. Since then the business has grown (As have I) to a thriving Event Catering business, employing up to 50 seasonal staff and experience of over 100 major events across the UK. We have worked with the F1, BBC Proms in the Park, Latitude, Isle of Wight Festival, Goodwood, Countryfile and The London Marathon to name a few. (We were also booked for Glasto' in 2020... pre you know what!). We have been featured in NCASS Catering Magazine and we're well known for high-quality, fast service and our fresh and unique approach to Event Catering.

I know how daunting and stressful setting up and running a successful business can be, whether you're right at the start, transitioning from a career or another business or already a few (or more) years in.


Getting started is often the hardest part, with what can seem like and endless list questions and hurdles. Once established, many businesses struggle with growth and the new challenges of hiring and growing a team, managing more workload and giving responsibility to others whilst staying profitable.

Over the past seven years, I have learnt the hard way through trial & error, constant learning and perseverance. We now have simple systems and incredible partnerships, which make the business more profitable and a whole lot easier to run and manage, not to mention enjoyable!


I believe with our training, support & mentorship, you too can grow a successful business, wether your ambition is to run one outlet yourself or grow to multiple outlets. I believe the best way to do business is to combine your passion with a high standard of ethics and a growth mindset focused on constant learning & improvement.

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