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Gluten Free Ingredients
Grade A Fruit & Vegetables


Our Smoothie & Smoothie Bowls are a festival favourite, packed with superfood goodness!


We're 10X faster than high-street juice bars, meaning you won't miss the next headliner.

Made-to-order with100% traceable Grade A fruit & veg' & dairy-free!

Our Super-Greens smoothie won a Great Taste Award in 2019!


A beautiful Hot Drinks & Coffee menu, quality with speed.

Serving upwards 250 fresh coffees per hour, we don't hang about.

Our own brand beans, locally roasted are 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified & Great Taste award winners.

Constantly complimented by our customers as "The best coffee at the Event", a testament to our ingredients paired with professionally trained team and precise calibration of our equipment.

Plant based mylk available with every menu item.

Plus range of Fairtrade & organic herbal teas.

Our hot chocolate also available 100& Vegan friendly.

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Smoothie Bowls

Bowls of goodness based on our festi-favourite smoothies, made with plant based mylk, superfood toppings and served up with in palm-leaf bowls. 

Great anytime of day, but definitely a festival brekkie favourite!

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Crepes (Crepe outlet only)

Our crepes are made with our 100% Vegan, gluten free and non-GMO base.
Topped with your favourite sweet (Including Vegan choc') or savoury toppings. Our Veggie-Hero makes for an epic lunch!